For those looking for VPS USA vps abroad here, we have a strong specification service. Use a quality server system. So come to your personal server service. You have the freedom to manage your needs. There are many different types of work with multiple OS to choose from. And we also use faster SSD than SATA (Harddisk is 5 times normal and Network Speed 1Gbps.

* If you are interested in vps specifications and other prices. Beyond that is in this. Have you got it? www.facebook.com/CoolhostPlus
*** You can select the OS you want. Customize Available If you are looking for a VPS to implement business operations. We are service provider ***

VPS-MINI-USA+ Fixed 1 Cores RAM 512 MB 15 GB 1 IPv4 2000GB Free VestaCP 247 Baht Order Now
CooLVPS USA#1 Fixed 1 Cores RAM 1 GB 30 GB 1 IPv4 4000GB Free VestaCP 500 Baht Order Now
CooLVPS USA#2 Fixed 1 Cores RAM 2 GB 40 GB 1 IPv4
  • 5000GB
Free VestaCP 700 Baht Order Now
CooLVPS USA#3 2 Cores RAM 2 GB 120 GB 1 IPv4 Unlimited Free VestaCP 900 Baht Order Now
CooLVPS USA#4 2 Cores RAM 3 GB 180 GB 1 IPv4 Unlimited Free VestaCP 1,500 Baht Order Now
CooLVPS USA#5 2 cores RAM 4 GB 240 GB 1 IPv4 Unlimited Free VestaCP 2,100 Baht Order Now
CooLVPS USA#6 4 cores RAM 8 GB 300 GB 1 IPv4 Unlimited Free VestaCP 2,500 Baht Order Now

*Service Providers All rates are subject to change without prior notice.

More Features

  • - Add Control Panel DirectAdmin300 Baht / month! Free installation available.
  • - Free! Install Apache + Nginx Web Server for DirectAdmin / VestaCP
  • - Free! Install MRTG for Monitor CPU, RAM, Network, Traffic
  • - Free! Enabling SSL Let's Encrypt on DirectAdmin


  • - We reserve the right not to provide Server for Bit Torrent, Camfrog Server, Game Server, used as a piracy file.
  • - If any customer violates the above agreement. We reserve the right to terminate the contract and close your server immediately and refrain from service.
  • - This service is non-refundable. If you are not confident in the service, please contact the staff before using the service.